a1 Jennifer and Kelsey waiting for Dane and Ashley.jpg
a2 Ashley and Dane arrive.jpg
b1 Watching Jenn's news.jpg
b2 Watching Jenn's news.jpg
b3 Watching Jenn's news.jpg
b4 Jennifer, Mike, Kelsey, Ashley, Stacey and Dane.jpg
b5 Ashley and Stacey.jpg
b6 Kelsey and Ashley.jpg
b7 Stacey and Dane.jpg
c1 Ashley, Kelsey and Jennifer.jpg
c10 Stacey, Ashley, Kelsey, Jenn and Dane.jpg
c11 Stacey, Kelsey, Ashley, Jennifer and Dane.jpg
c12 Ashley and Dane.jpg
c13 Ashley and Dane.jpg
c14 Jennifer and Kelsey.jpg
c14 Kelsey and Jennifer.jpg
c15  Dane, Jennifer and Stacey.jpg
c2 Dane and Stacey.jpg
c3 Dane and Stacey.jpg
c4 Ashley, Kelsey and Jennifer.jpg
c5 Our Beach.jpg
c6 The girls walking.jpg
c7 Jenn, Kelsey and Ashley.jpg
c7 The girls.jpg
c9 Stacey video recording.jpg
d Dane and Stacey.jpg
e Kelsey and Ashley.jpg
e Mike, Jennifer, Stacey, Dane, Ashley and Kelsey.jpg
e Stacey and Kelsey.jpg
f Ashley turns 19 years old .jpg
f Ashley2.jpg
f Ashley3.jpg
f Ashley4.jpg
f Ashley5.jpg
f Ashley's Aerosmith Cake.jpg
f Ashley's Cake2.jpg
f Ashley's Care3.jpg
f Jennifer2.jpg
f Jennifer3.jpg
f Jennifer4.jpg
f Jennifer's opens college graduation gifts.jpg
g Dane and Ashley2.jpg
g Dane and Ashley3.jpg
g Dane and Ashley4.jpg
g Dane and Ashley5.jpg
g Dane and Ashley6.jpg
g Dane and his daugher, Ashley.jpg
h Ashley and Kelsey bike riding.jpg
h Kelsey.jpg